Catalog believes in human curation, and we can’t do it alone. In addition to artist submissions curated by the core team, Catalog collaborates with contributing curators to expand the depth of sounds and perspectives on the platform, with the aim of bringing the best music out there to Catalog.

<aside> 🎵 Submit for consideration using the curation cycles submissions form


How it Works

Catalog looks for contributing curators with an ear for artists that offer a unique perspective, push sonic boundaries, do something familiar very well, or have a meaningful cultural impact. Contributing curators are rotated on an ongoing basis with each curator onboarding up to four artists per cycle. Prospective curators may indicate their interest in onboarding artists to Catalog by completing the curation cycles submission form above. New curators are notified when selected.

<aside> ⚠️ Curators are not required to take a split, but commit to receiving no more than 10% if they reach an agreement with the artist onboarded